President's Message


Prof. Mao-Chuan Huang, President

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In 1968, AEUST is established by Far Eastern Group. Far Eastern Group is one of the top conglomerates in Taiwan which has 10 major industries, such as Polyester and synthetic fibers, Retail and department stores, Communications, and Internet. AEUST is renowned for producing graduates with practical skills, passionate drive, and world-ready outlook to succeed in the future workplace. AEUST students are provided with extensive exposure to real-world projects and the chances to learn from industry experts. After graduation, they have more chances to get a more satisfying job.

AEUST has a total of 11 academic programs. They are Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Communication Engineering, Materials and Textiles, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Commercial Design, Industrial Management, Information Management, Marketing and Distribution Management, Healthcare Administration, and Nursing. We empower AEUST students to become future innovators and leaders. Through our innovative ways of teaching and learning and extensive industry partnerships, our students are equipped with the ability to learn about advanced technologies, and to develop professional skills to solve future problems.

As AEUST enters its fourth decades, our goal is to become the leading center of discovery and learning in the field of vocational education. It is our collective efforts from all school staff and support from Far Eastern Group which make AEUST such a vibrant place to learn and to explore.